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All that we know, all that we touch & use comes from the earth below our feet, the water, air & fire.  Nature is our grounding force, the frequency of earth moves through our bodies, we are whole & unified when we acknowledge this connection.  To be grounded in your body is to be present with the oneness of all living life in a single breath, to know that your body is part of the tapestry of life.



We are as one with nature & inherently nature is abundant & full of vitality, nature is in union with oneness & complete regeneration at all times. Nature shows us that to die provides new life for birth, & too shed fertilises the blossoming of new growth. So we see internal vitality as being cultivated from re-energising our internal energy systems & healing our own bodies. We learn to fertilise & store our own energy systems & share vitality throughout our entire being.

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The quality of our intimate connections relies upon how much pleasure we allow ourselves to experience within our own bodies. We truly believe in the potential for us all to experience pure joy, happiness, passion & pleasure in life & our relationships with others. Self pleasure is a sovereignty that doesn’t need external validation or stimulation, it comes from a devotion to seeking the gateways within & claim our own pleasure palace within & celebrating this with the world around us.



Embodying self love as a way of being means reprogramming the body, we have the greatest access to our bodies energy systems when we are relaxed in a state of sensual & tender touch.  Self love takes us to the core of our being, it takes us home.  Loving touch is the bow that ties it altogether, grounding, healing & accessing pure pleasure.  

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