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Uncovering the mystery of 24k Gold

Uncovering the mystery of 24k Gold requires fine tuning your connection to the particular frequency it holds.

Everything we touch, use & create has its own unique energy that radiates out into the world, just as we do.   We are always connecting to many different energies each day, but most of the time this goes unnoticed, but living with deeper level of intention & intuition means becoming more aware of the energies around you, be it people or objects, nature or unseen frequencies, you simply start to notice your energy connection to life around you on a much deeper level.

Working with 24k Gold helps to unlock your body in many profound ways, ultimately I have noticed a much deeper level of soul clarity & embodied action since working with Gold.  Whether you are looking to deepen your ceremonial practices, open your intuition, purify & realign your bodies energy, Gold can really anchor major change by simply allowing the frequency of Gold mixed with clear intent to work it's magic on your body, mind & spirit.

Gold can help to enhance:

Shielding & Protection
Manifestation & Prayer
Energy Purification
Intentional Practice
Intuition & Clarity
Auric Frequency

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