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INDIE ROSE was birthed in 2019 by Claire Law, a woman on a mission to learn the mastery of unconditional self-love & devotional practice to the universal power, energy work & co-creation.

Claire created INDIE ROSE as a tool and resource to share this deep intimate relationship. She believes we all have the ability to radically transform ourselves on many levels. By using intent & clear vision we gain confidence & knowledge of our capacity as limitless spiritual beings. This is the inspiration behind INDIE ROSE.

“I have been on the healing & self-development journey since 2012 when I had a complete breakdown & started a deep healing process.  When I became a single mother in 2018 everything started to really align for me & I discovered the power of my magic, complete transformation & initiation into a new way of living in tune with my body, knowing that if i didn’t learn how to fill my cup fully then I would burn out which wasn’t an option for me. So I asked for guidance & have asked for guidance everyday since & INDIE ROSE has been birthed from this guidance to share high frequency creations with those on a path of magic initiation."

Why is 'self touch' the key to Abundance?
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