Re-launching April 2023! Stock will be available in UK/EU & AU


Indie Rose is the creation of Claire Law, a woman, a mother, a free spirit.  Born in Northern England, Claire spent her 20s travelling the world chasing adventure & then she discovered Australia where her spiritual awakening began to unfold.

Claire's passion is connecting with the divine potential that exists around us & within us.  Over the past 11 years Claire has experienced many personal transformations, through many modalities she has uncovered & healed parts of herself that were crying to be tended too.

Since becoming a mother Claire's transformation & self birthing has brought her to create luxury ritual products.  All of which allow you to access these divine energies from the earth, universe & deep within themselves.

Claire believes we all have the birth right to access and embody our highest state of being. Through her offerings she wishes to inspire others to join her in this journey.

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